Culture & Traditions

Get to know more about the Culture and Tradition of Nepal

The culture and traditions of Nepal have evolved many centuries. The influences of customs and cultural practices from India, Tibet and China can be clearly seen in the Nepalese traditions. However, with time they have been infused with their own traditions.

Hinduism and Buddhism are the two predominant religions of Nepal and their influence is markedly present in various areas. The diversified culture of Nepal is reflected in their music, dance, art and craft and folklore and folktales.

Folklore, Folktales and most importantly dance have very ancient origins in Nepal. The folk dances reflect the local culture and depict scenes of harvesting of crops, war stories or even marriages. The art and craft take their inspiration from Hinduism and Buddhism. The Nepal handicraft industry is a very important cottage industry generating good revenues. Handicrafts from Lalitpur and Bhaktapur are quite popular both among the local population and the tourists.

There are approximately 92 different languages which are spoken in Nepal. However, Nepali is the official national language and serves as a common language for all the different linguistic communities.

The culture and tradition of Nepal is reflected in the festivals and celebration, art and craft and religion and languages. There is no better way than to live among the locals to gain a better understanding of their culture and traditions.

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