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Eating and Drinking Specialties of Kathmandu

Nepal being a multi-cultural and multi-religious country offers a variety of cuisines. A number of restaurants and cafes can be found in the tourist quarters of Kathmandu, very much like the American diners or French bistros. Chinese, Indian and Tibetan food can be taken for granted, as there are any number of restaurants offering them. To cater to the growing tourist population, especially from the West, Kathmandu also has a number of eating joints which serve American style pies and cakes. Even Japanese, Thai and Mexican food is available in some specialty restaurants.

The traditional Nepali and Newari food is also available for those who want a taste of authentic local food. The local eateries also dish out the native Specialties. Since Nepal has a predominant Hindu and Buddhist population beef items are strictly prohibited.

The Nepali specialties include ‘daal-bhaat-tarkari’ which is basically a combination of rice with lentil and curry vegetables.

The Newari dishes include the dal (lentils), tsampa, chapattis, spiced vegetables and sweets like jalebi, laddu and mukdas.

Though the traditional method of cooking Nepali food is simple, the special spices used a unique flavor to the dishes. Spices like special cumin, coriander, turmeric, clitandro, scallions are used along with a combination of mustard oil and yak butter for seasoning. These give the Nepali dishes their authentic local flavor.

Special drinks and traditional drinks like Tongba are quite popular and they are served along with traditional Nepali and Newari food. These drinks are customarily had with the help of a traditional bamboo straw.

However, one thing which has not yet invaded the busy streets is the branches of any of the big names in Fast food. So, if you are looking for a McDonalds or a KFC you may be disappointed, but surely you wouldn’t want to go on a holiday and not try out different cuisines.

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